Beyond Piloting the Green Pack in the Basic Education System in Albania
Development of a Database for the State of the Environment in Municipalities
Development of Eco-clubs in Institutes of Higher Education
Green Pack: Raising Awareness of Sustainable Development in Macedonian Schools
Green Pack Teacher Training in Turkey
Feasibility Study for the Green Pack in Ukraine
Green Pack in the Western Balkans
Green Pack Junior (English)
Transfer of Know-how from the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe to the Regional Environmental Center for Central Asia and the Regional Environmental Centre for the Caucasus
Raising Public Awareness for the Development of Tourism in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Green Pack for the Komi Republic in the Russian Federation
Study to Identify Partners for the Swedish International Centre of Education for Sustainable Development
Green Pack in Turkey: Supporting Education for Sustainable Development

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Green Pack: Bosnia and Herzegovina
April 2010 | Print

Green Pack: Kosovo (as defined by UNSCR 1244)
March 2010 | Print

Green Pack: Serbia
December 2009 | Print

Green Pack: Montenegro
October 2009 | Print

Green Pack: Macedonia
September 2008 | Print

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