ICZM, IWRM and management of coastal aquifers

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Component 1: Integrated approaches for the implementation of the SAPs and NAPs: ICZM, IWRM and  Management  of coastal aquifers



This component aims to promote integrated approaches throughout the Mediterranean for the reduction of pollution and the preservation of biodiversity. This can be achieved through appropriate management of the coastal and marine environments, including aquifers.

Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) and Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) are the overarching policy frameworks for all activities within this component. Activities focus on national and regional policy, legislation and institutional reforms. Joint demonstration projects at selected sites are included.

Sub-component 1.1. Management of Coastal Aquifers and Groundwater
(Leading partner UNESCO/IHP)

This sub-component aims to provide appropriate capacity and technology for groundwater management, through policy interactions, reversing the trends in over-extraction and degradation of the coastal aquifers quality.

Activities focus on:

assessment of risks and uncertainties relating to Mediterranean coastal aquifers, involving an updated inventory assessment of coastal aquifer resources and identification of major risks; vulnerability mapping of aquifers at selected sites with the aim of transferring technology and knowledge to responsible institutions.

regional actions for Coastal Aquifer Management through the development of a regional and national plan for actions relating to coastal groundwater.

legislative, policy and institutional reforms for Coastal Aquifer Management.

spatial technology application to establish models and correlations for local and regional aquifer systems and the interaction between terrestrial freshwater systems and the sea.

Sub-component 1.2. Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)
(Leading partner UNEP/MAP-PAP/RAC)

This sub-component aims to ensure sustainable management of Mediterranean coastal zones, with particular reference to international waters and biodiversity. This will be achieved by providing assistance to national governments of the Mediterranean countries to manage their coastal resources in an integrated manner, in accordance with priority needs identified by the ICZM Protocol.

Activities focus on:

supporting the preparation of National ICZM Strategies and National Action Plans aiming to address specific needs identified in project countries. These include the lack of national ICZM strategies and their implementation, at regional, national and local level.

implementing the ICZM approach, tools and techniques in demonstration areas for effective management of coastal areas and the identification and management of sensitive areas and Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).

For more information visit PAP/RAC's website

1.3 Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM)
(Leading partner GWP/Med)

This sub-component aims to promote IWRM planning at transboundary, regional and national levels as a means to reduce pollution from land based activities. It also aims to support countries in the progressive adoption of IWRM policies, the implementation of IWRM practices in pilot areas and associated capacity building.

Activities focus on:

preparing  an action plan for integrated water resources management in the Mediterranean that embodies: IWRM policy development and planning; institutional strengthening and law enforcement; management measures; investments; capacity building and training; education

catalyzing action and building capacity for national IWRM planning.

developing IRBM in globally important river basins and adjacent coastal areas, carried out in conjunction with the ICZM activity.

preparing a list of transboundary bodies and water issues suitable for the implementation of pilot projects.

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