Conservation of biological diversity

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Component 3. Conservation of biological diversity: implementation of SAP BIO and related NAPs

This component aims to maintain the long-term function of the Mediterranean Large Marine Ecosystem through the implementation of an ecologically-coherent network of protected areas for the sustainable use of renewable marine resources. Targeted capacity-building and enabling activities focus on both national and sub-regional levels to improve capacity for policy development and its subsequent transfer into management for biodiversity conservation.

Sub-component 3.1: Conservation of Coastal and Marine Diversity through the Development of a Mediterranean Marine Protected Area (MPA) Network
(Executing partners WWF-MedPO and UNEP/MAP-SPA/RAC)

This sub-component aims to promote the creation, perpetuation and operation of a Mediterranean ecological network of Marine Protected Areas.

Activities focus on:

identifying and planning new MPAs to expand the regional network and enhance its ecological representativeness; improving management of marine protected areas; ensuring the financial sustainability of regional and national MPA networks.

Find more information on WWF-MedPO activities here and on SPA/RAC activities here. A dedicated website on the MedMPAnet project can be accessed here.

Sub-component 3.2: Promote the sustainable use of fisheries resources through the application of ecosystem-based management approaches
(Executing partner FAO)

The main aim of this sub-component is to promote the sustainable use of fisheries resources through the application of ecosystem-based management approaches.

The activities of this sub-component focus on:

implementing the Ecosystem approach to fisheries management at regional and subregional levels;

addressing bycatch of regionally important species at a fleet level;

supporting fishermen participation in monitoring and management of coastal MPA’s.

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