A model for other projects, the MedPartnership and ClimVar & ICZM projects showcase their activities

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The day started with a dream, a dream of a healthy, clean and sustainable Mediterranean.

The final event for the MedPartnership and ClimVar & ICZM projects was held on the 4th of November in Athens, Greece in the presence of the members of the steering committee, representatives of donors as well as a number of beneinterviews final event ficiaries from the countries where the projects were implemented.

The event took place a day after the meeting of the steering committee of the two projects, and aimed to showcase the results and outcomes of the projects and highlight some lessons learnt throughout the 6 years of implementation.

“UNEP/GRID-Geneva was very pleased to contribute to such high level project, which led to such successful concrete results. I was impressed by the number and quality of deliverables and outputs produced by the MedPartnership and ClimVar & ICZM projects. The excellent organization of the event allowed to present a large number of presentations and interviews, in a way which remained light for the participants, while still conveying a high impacts on the results achieved”, said Pascal Peduzzi, Director of Science at UNEP/GRID-Geneva.

Structured in an original way with highly professional visual effects and music, the event provided an opportunity for executing partners to present their demonstrations and activities carried out under the projects. It also included interview sessions with beneficiaries and representatives from participating countries who shed light on the impact of the two projects in their respective countries.

“The final event of the GEF/UNEPexhibition final event MedPartnership and ClimVar & ICZM projects managed to truly showcase the wide range of results and activities in the participating countries of the Mediterranean presenting complex environmental pressures and proposed solutions with a mix of visual and graphical presentation as well as many testimonies from beneficiaries in the Mediterranean countries. This pioneering way of active and interactive showcasing made it possible to absorb a large amount of data and information”, said Christine Haffner Sifakis, Task Manager for the UNEP/GEF International Waters.

An exhibition area was set up during the event showcasing results and outcomes of the two projects that have implemented more than 150 activities and 80 project demonstrations. The results achieved by the two projects are not only considerable in terms of quantity but will have a long term impact on the sustainability of the region.

"The MedPartnership and ClimVar & ICZM final event provided a stunning example of the many ways these two GEF project investments have catalyzed significant impacts for the protection of the Mediterranean Sea Large Marine Ecosystem and the countries that have so vividly come together to address its issues. Moreover, from a GEF portfolio learning perspective, the MedPartnership has fulfilled an unspoken gentleperson's agreement to support the replication of many of its 150 successful activities, by documenting for future consumption, the various considerations other GEF projects might consider when applying their lessons," said Mish Hamid, GEF IW:LEARN Project Manager.

The day ended with one conclusion: dreams do come true when we work “Together for the Mediterranean”.

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