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Meeting Schedule 2010
January 12-15 AMAP Cryosphere Project (SWIPA IT5 / Cross-Fertilization) Meeting, Potsdam, Germany
January 18-19 AMAP Short-lived Climate Forcers Expert Group Meeting, Kjeller, Norway
January 20-22 AMAP Strategy 2010+ External Review Panel Meeting, Oslo, Norway
January 24-29 2010 Arctic Frontiers Conference, Tromsø, Norway
January 27 Seminar - Joint Industry program on oil spill contingency for Arctic and ice covered waters, Tromsø, Norway
February 1-3 AMAP Projects Workshop, St Petersburg, Russia
February 1-5 AMAP Mercury Assessment - Report Compilation Meeting, Rotterdam, Netherlands
February 11-12 AMAP Strategy 2010+ Experts Workshop, San Francisco, USA
February 11-12 AMAP Heads of Delegation Meeting, San Francisco, USA
February 15-19 GESAMP meeting, Bangkok
February 21 Wilton Park Conference - The High North: Challenges and Opportunities
February 28 Arctic Council / ASDI Meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark
March 1 Arctic Council Working Group Chairs Meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark
March 1-2 TF HTAP Meeting, North Carolina, USA
March 2-5 Nordic Environmental Chemistry Conference, Longyearbyen, Svalbard
March 9-10 Changing Seas - NMR/NERI Workshop on Effects of Climate Change on Marine Ecosystems, Copenhagen, Denmark
March 16-19 2010 State of the Arctic Conference, Miami, USA
March 18-19 SOAN Financing Agencies Meeting, Miami, USA
March 27-28 Arctic Council Deputy Ministers Meeting and Information Day, Copenhagen, Denmark
March 29 Arctic 5 Meeting, Ottawa, Canada
April 2010 AMAP Cryosphere Project (SWIPA Glaciers/Ice Caps module) Meeting, Oslo, Norway
April 15-18 IASC Arctic Science Summit, Nuuk, Greenland
April 28-29 SAO meeting, Ilulissat, Greenland
April 15 ArcRisk WP Leads Meeting, Gothenburg, Sweden
May 11 - 13 2010 NOAA Earth System's Research Laboratory Global Monitoring Annual Conference, ?, USA
May 31 - June 4 International Symposium on Sea Ice in the Physical and Biogeochemical System, Tromsø, Norway
June 7-8 AMAP Human Health Expert Group Meeting, Tromsø, Norway
June 7-8? SOAN Data Management Workshop, Oslo, Norway
June 8-12 IPY Oslo Science Conference 'Polar Science - Global Impact', Oslo, Norway
June 10-11? UNEP Mercury INC1 Meeting, Stockholm, Sweden
June 14-16? AMAP Cryosphere Project (SWIPA Integration Team IT6) Meeting, Oslo, Norway (tentative)
October 1-3 SDWG meeting, Ilulissat, Greenland
October 20-22? AMAP Cryosphere Project (SWIPA Integration Team IT7) Meeting
November/December AMAP Working Group Meeting (location TBD)

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