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Participation of the stakeholder is a prerequisite for integrated river basin management planning.

On occasion of Danube Day 2005, the ICPDR invited stakeholders from all riparian countries to participate in the first basin-wide stakeholder conference, which was held in Budapest, as Hungary was the ICPDR President in 2005.

In the context of efforts to promote the implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) in the entire Danube basin, the ICPDR, in its role as co-ordinator, has during the past years put a special emphasis on the promotion of public participation on a basin-wide scale according to the approach stipulated in article 14 of the Directive and detailed in the EU CIS Horizontal Guidance Document on Public Participation.

The stakeholder conference was part of an on-going process, following the 'Danube River Basin Strategy for Public Participation in RBM Planning' and the 'Operational Plan for Public Participation Activities on the basin-wide level'. Among the preceding activities carried out by ICPDR in implementing these strategies, a stakeholder analysis workshop lead to the identification of relevant stakeholder groups on a Danube-wide scale as future addressees and partners for information, consultation and active involvement in the context of WFD implementation.

The conference aimed to bring stakeholder groups together and serve as a stepping stone for future participatory initiatives.

Specifically, the following issues were discussed in the context of the conference:

  • ICPDR Programme of Action and current initiatives in the basin
  • ICPDR's current approach to public participation; with a special view to granting an observer status to stakeholder groups
  • Exchange on the 2004 Roof Report for the Danube basin, elicitation of feedback from stakeholders with respect to the status analysis in view of the programme of measures to be developed by 2005
  • ICPDR 'Action Programme on Sustainable Flood Protection'

ICPDR Response Document NOV 2006 (PDF, 51KB)

This document comments and further develops the suggestions made during the consultation process (Stakeholder Conference and written consultation process) on the ICPDR Roof Report 2004.

ICPDR Stakeholder Conference Report (PDF, 375.2KB)

This reports sumarises the discussion and suggestions made during the ICPDR Stakeholder Conference, June 2004.


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