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The DIKTAS area

Information about the project area

Karst Landscapes

The term “karst” is applied to a specific geological landscape and morphology that develops wherever limestone formations, or other carbonatic rocks, constitute the bulk of the geological substratum of a region and outcrop over extensive areas. Due to their solubility, these rock formations develop high permeability along fractures and faults, with the formation of sinkholes, chasms, underground streams, and caves. “Karst” hydrogeology is hence characterized by very high fracture controlled heterogeneous permeability, almost total absence of surface drainage (which has been largely diverted into subterranean routes), high infiltration rates and rapid underground flows of groundwater.

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The DIKTAS Transboundary Aquifer Areas of Interest

In the framework of the DIKTAS project, eight transboundary aquifers have been chosen for more detailed investigation.

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TDA is an assessment and prioritisation of transboundary water related issues of concern . It uses the best available verified scientific and technical information to examine the state of the environment and the root causes for its degradation. The analysis is carried out in a cross sectoral manner, focusing on transboundary problems without ignoring national concerns and priorities.

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