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Karst Without Boundaries conference presentations

Below you may find some of the presentations made during the International Conference “Karst Without Boundaries”.

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FileGroundwater drainage monitoring and karst terrain analysis using Spontaneous Potential (SP) in Anina Mining Area (Banat Mountains, Romania). Preliminary study.
Laurențiu Artugyan, Petru Urdea
FileSolute Transport Variability in Alpine Karst Aquifers under Different Flow Conditions
Nadine Göppert, Nico Goldscheider
FileDetailed insights in karst conduit networks from in-cave tracer tests, Blautopf spring, Swabian Alb, Germany
Nico Goldscheider, Ute Lauber, Wolfgang Ufrecht
FileThe World Karst Aquifer Mapping Project – WOKAM
Nico Goldscheider, Chen Zhao, the WOKAM Team
FileWhat can we learn from ‘failed’ groundwater tracing experiments in karst?
John Gunn, Steve Worthington
FileNumeric Modeling of Well Capture Zones in Karst Aquifers
Alex Mikszewski, Neven Kresic
FileKarstic groundwater in Hungarian-Slovakian transboundary groundwater bodies under the scope of “ENWAT” and “TRANSENERGY” EU projects
Peter Malik, Radovan Černák, György Tóth
FileDelineation of a karst catchment area using several methods – an example of plitvice lakes catchment
Hrvoje Meaški, Božidar Biondić, Ranko Biondić
FileOptimal water management – prerquisite for regional socio-economic development in Karst
Petar Milanović
FileTDA-Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis: Legal and Institutional Framework and Policy
Zoran Nakić, Raya Marina Stephan, Bendis Boçari, Selma Čengić, Maja Raičević
FileNo limits, no boundaries: a view of Karst as the typical trans-boundary environment
Mario Parise
FileProtection and sustainable utilization of groundwater resources in the Republic of Croatia
Zoran Nakić, Marina Funduk, Ognjen Čaldarović, Željko Pekaš
FilePoster: Characterization of Hydrogeologic Conditions of Transboundary Groundwater Body Karavanke in Slovenia
Urška Pavlič, Nikola Trišić
FilePreliminary characterization of the Karst Groundwater Flow of Suva Planina Mountain (Eastern Serbia)
Branislav Petrović
FileEnvironmental impact indicators in systematic monitoring of karst aquifer – Dinaric Karst case example
Zoran Stevanovic
FileClassical dinaric karst aquifer – an overview of its past and future
DIKTAS Working Group 1 - Želimir Želimir Pekaš, Boban Jolović, Dragan Radojević, Arben Pambuku - and Zoran Stevanovic
FileGroundwater Management of Karst Aquifers in South Australia
Simone Stewart
FileIssues related to sanitary seawater quality monitoring in the impact zone of coastal karst springs – example from Rijeka Bay
Darija Vukić Lušić, Josip Rubinić, Maja Radišić, Arijana Cenov, Dražen Lušić, Jadranka Krstelj, Vladimir Mićović
FileIntegrating outcrop fracture data and pressure transient data for constructing local scale flow models of the fractured and karstic Lez aquifer, Southern France
Xiaoguang Wang
FilePoster: Groundwater quality of spring Krka in groundwater body Dolenjski Kras (Slovenia)
Marina Gacin, Mojca Dobnikar - Tehovnik, Polonca Mihorko

TDA is an assessment and prioritisation of transboundary water related issues of concern . It uses the best available verified scientific and technical information to examine the state of the environment and the root causes for its degradation. The analysis is carried out in a cross sectoral manner, focusing on transboundary problems without ignoring national concerns and priorities.

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