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19 countries share the Danube River Basin, which makes it the world’s most international river basin.

More than 81 million people of different cultures and languages call the Danube Basin their home and are since centuries interconnected through the widely ramified water system of the Danube. All countries sharing over 2,000 km² of the Danube River Basin and the European Union are contracting parties of the ICPDR.


Basic information on the countries in the Danube River Basin (DRB)

Country Code Coverage in DRB (km²) Percentage of DRB (%) Percentage of DRB in country (%) Population in DRB (Mio.)
Albania AL 126 < 0.1 0.01 < 0.01
Austria* AT 80,423 10.0 96.1 7.7
Bosnia and Herzegovina* BA 36,636 4.6 74.9 2.9
Bulgaria* BG 47,413 5.9 43.0 3.5
Croatia* HR 34,965 4.4 62.5 3.1
Czech Republic* CZ 21,688 2.9 27.5 2.8
Germany* DE 56,184 7.0 16.8 9.4
Hungary* HU 93,030 11.6 100.0 10.1
Italy IT 565 < 0.1 0.2 0.02
Macedonia MK 109 < 0.1 0.2 < 0.01
Moldova* MD 12,834 1.6 35.6 1.1
Montenegro*, ** ME

Poland PL 430 < 0.1 0.1 0.04
Romania* RO 232,193 29.0 97.4 21.7
Serbia*, ** RS 81,560 10.2

Slovak Republic* SK 47,084 5.9 96.0 5.2
Slovenia* SI 16,422 2.0 81.0 1.7
Switzerland CH 1,809 0.2 4.3 0.02
Ukraine* UA 30,520 3.8 5.4 2.7
801,463 100

Data in the table above is based on the Danube Basin Analysis 2005.

*) Contracting Party to the ICPDR

**) Serbia and Montenegro split into two countries in June 2006. So far no exact data on the share of the individual countries is available.


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