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Danube Watch - official magazine of ICPDR - enhances regional cooperation and information sharing on sustainable water management and environmental protection in the Danube River Basin. It reports on current issues affecting the Danube Basin, and on action taken to deal with challenges in the river basin. Striving for scientific accuracy while remaining concise, clear and readable, it is produced for the wide range of people who are actively involved in the Danube River Basin and are working for the improvement of its environment.

Danube Watch 3-4/2009

Searching for Balance in Inland Water Transport;
Pieces in Place for River Basin Management;
Business from, and for, Nature

Danube Watch 2/2009

Danube Day 2009 Shared Waters - Joint Responsibilities
A New Plan for Water Management
Protecting the Joint Heritage of Europe

Danube Watch 1/2009

Platina Project Under Full Sail - ICPDR Presidency 2009: The Slovak Republic - Catfish, Carp and Caviar - and many more topics

Danube Watch 3-4 2008

Montenegro joins the ICPDR; IWA World Water Congress; Invasion of the Danube; and other topics

Danube Watch 2/2008

Tourism in the Danube River Basin, Danube Day 2008, JDS2 Results are in, and many more topics.

Danube Watch 1/2008

Contents: ICPDR Presidency 2008 Serbia, Joint Action Programme 2001-05, Recovery for the Black Sea

Danube Watch 3/2007

Contents: Danube Day 2007, The ICPDR and the Zambezi River, Joint Danube Survey 2 completed, and many more topics.

Danube Watch 2/2007

Contents: Wetlands in the Danube River Basin, Joint Danube Survey 2 launches, Danger heading downstream, and a lot more topics.

Danube Watch 1/2007

Contents: Landscape of the Year: Danube Delta, ICPDR Presidency 2007: Romania, 15 Years in Review, and many other topics.

Danube Watch 3-4/2006

Contents: Danube Day 2006: River of Life, Searching for Heavy Metals, The Black Sea joins the EU, and many other topics.

Danube Watch 2/2006

Contents: The Price Tag for Clean Water, Flooding Fears Return, Tisza Basin Cooperation, and many other topics.

Danube Watch 1/2006

Contents: Testing the power of water - Project identifies causes for brown trout decline - Good scores for the Danube Basin countries - Danube Day 2006: the third year of celebrations - Danube Travel Mart delivers good news - Power plants burning plants - Presidency 2006: Moldova  - VGB...

Danube Watch 4/2005

Contents: Facing the floods - German waterway development to respect WFD - Helping Danube sturgeons fight an upstream battle - Safe nests for white storks - Solving a "historical" problem - Youth Parliaments for Water call for action - Ecological survey of surface waters in Hungary - Danube Art...

Danube Watch 3/2005

Contents: Danube Day 2005, Listening, learning, discussing, Small grants with big impacts, DoRIS: modernising Danube navigation, Serbian shipping master plan ready, Paying the price for clean water Influencing the waters of the Danube, Sava Commission, Colouring the Danube's technical history,...

Danube Watch 2/2005

Contents: The basin united, Capturing the Danube, Putting public participation into practice, Revitalising wetlands in Bulgaria, ICPDR Presidency - 2005, German-Hungarian Twinning Project, Danube Tourist Commission joins ICPDR, Sharing the burden, Tour International Danubian, Danube Day 2005,...

Danube Watch 1/2005

Contents: Giving more freedom to the Lech River, A new wastewater treatment plant for the Danube, Mining risk spot is safe again, Taking stock of a joint venture, Protecting the flow of information, Revisiting Hainburg, Right from the source, Meeting of Minds, Picturing a clean Danube, The future...

Danube Watch 2/2004

Contents: Danube Day 2004: A river basin united in celebration, Journey to the river’s end, The Danube illuminated Messages to the Danube, Border Crossings, Looking back and looking ahead along the Danube in Vienna, An animated river, Austrian navigation: the depth of the problem, Joining the...

Danube Watch 1/2004

Contents: ICPDR Presidency 2004 –EU succeeds Germany, Reacting to major accidents:Seveso II Directive amended, Romanian wastewater experts visit Austria, IPPC – a holistic approach to environmental risk management, Towards European integration IRBM – a magic word in Slovakia, 83 million...

Danube Watch 2/2003

Contents: Joachim Bendow leaves ICPDR to retire, Philip Weller – the new Executive Secretary of the ICPDR, Making participation work, Water Framework Directive and public participation, Public Participation on the Web, Reaching out to the public in the Danube River Basin, From regional visits...

Danube Watch 1/2003

Contents: ICPDR presidency 2003, Prioritisation of water sector investment projects, Greenpeace hits the road in Central and Eastern Europe, Call open: US$750,000 for NGO-related environmental projects in the Danube Basin, EU pre-accession funds not yet a full success story, ISPA and SAPARD – a...

Danube Watch 2/2002

Contents: The upper Drava: efforts to restore a river, The Drava in Slovenia, Risks for the Stara Drava, Ecotourism in the Danube-Drava National Park, Cooperation with the Sava Basin Initiative, Flood forecasting system in the Czech Republic, Initiatives taken by the ICPDR on flood protection,...

Danube Watch 1/2002

Contents: A step closer to a cleaner Danube, Programmes put in place to prevent further superfloods, Minimising the impact of floods on humans and the ecosystem, Tisza accidents trigger long-term action, Off to a good start, Joint Danube Survey - a unique expedition for the water quality of the...

Danube Watch 1/2001

Contents: Water Framework Directive revolutionises water management, Basin-wide crusade against pollution of the Danube, The ICPDR Joint Action Progarmme, Naviagation as a source of pollution, Support of mechanisms for nutrient reduction, The ICPDR website, Inventory of Accidental Risk Spots,...

Danube Watch 4/1999 (PDF, 1.6MB)

Industry: Clean technologies to substitute end-of-pipe solutions, European Life Line: High biodiversity and unique cultural heritage, Wetlands: NGOs play a virtual role in restoration projects

Danube Watch 3/1999 (PDF, 1.1MB)

National efforts: The country tries to reach the goals of the SAP, Financial aspects: Environmental projects need to be funded, Balkan Task Force: Environmental hot spots in Serbia identified

Danube Watch 1/1999 (PDF, 2.3MB)

Danube Delta: Water brings back Diversity, Romania: More information should help to save Drinking Water, Danube River Basin: Pollution does not stop at National Borders


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