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The dialogue with stakeholders is important for the success of integrated river basin managment in the Danube River Basin. It is therefore of the ICPDR interest that all stakeholder groups proving a basin-wide interest are involved in the work of the ICPDR.

If your organisation would like to get actively involved, please get in touch with us!

Why to participate?

The formal cooperation with the ICPDR grants observers the right to participate at ICPDR decision-making meetings and Expert Group meetings. This active way of cooperation has proven to be successful in ensuring that different aspects and approaches could influence and shape the current water management in the Danube River Basin.

Did you know?

The Danube is one of the first river basins to embark on this process. It  represents a unique opportunity to take the lead, but it is also a major challenge.

New challanges due to the WFD

This approach of involving the public has even been enlarged by the requirements of the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD). The ICPDR has taken this new challenge as a basis  for reviewing its ongoing practice, and has decided to start an active process towards defining a its publicparticipation approach.

The ICPDR has also developed a “Danube River Basin Strategy for Public Participation in River Basin Management Planning 2003-2009” and has consequently developed “ICPDR Operational Plans”.

Based on the WFD (Art 14) the objectives of this Strategy are:

  • to ensure public participation in the implementation of the WFD in the Danube River Basin
  • to facilitate the establishment of effective structures and mechanisms for public participation in the Danube River Basin 
  • to provide guidance to national governments on how to comply with their obligations under the WFD
  • to inform key stakeholders about the structures for public participation and public involvement at the  various levels.

To ensure full participation on the development of the Danube River Basin Managment Plan in 2009, a special website has been developed, please visit this website to recieve full information!


ICPDR Stakeholder Forum 2009

The ICPDR Stakeholder Forum was held on June 29-30 in Bratislava, Slovakia. This forum provided an opportunity to discuss to the draft Danube River Basin Management.

The forum aimed to bring stakeholder groups together and serve as a platform for the discussion of the draft Danube River Basin Management Plan. Specifically, the following issues, which are the key topics of the draft Danube River Basin Management were addressed in the context of the forum:

  • pollution by organic substances and nutrients
  • pollution by hazardous substances
  • hydromorphological alterations
  • groundwater issues

ICPDR Stakeholder Conference 2005

On June 29/29 2005, the first Danube Stakeholder Conference took place in Budapest, Hungary.

The conference aimed to bring stakeholder groups together and serve as a stepping stone for future participatory initiatives. Specifically, the following issues have been addressed in the context of the conference:

  • ICPDR Programme of Action and current initiatives in the basin
  • ICPDR's approach to public participation
  • Danube Analyis Report 2004 with respect to the status analysis in view of the programme of measures to be developed by 2005
  • ICPDR 'Action Programme on Sustainable Flood Protection'.

How to participate?

If your organisation has a basin-wide interest in water manegement in the Danube River Basin and would like to join the ICPDR family, please do get in touch with the ICPDR Secretariat.  

Some guiding documents can be found below.

Public Participation Process 2009 (PDF, 58.3KB)

to facilitate public involvementof in the development of the Danube River Basin Managment Plan

Strategy for Public Participation (PDF, 342.8KB)

Danube River Basin Strategy for Public Participation in River Basin Management Planning 2003-2009


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