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Projects should have a clear impact on the livelihood of local people - this is especially true for the UNDP/GEF project “Integrating multiple benefits of wetlands and floodplains into improved trans-boundary management for the Tisza River Basin”. This pilot project is currently carried out on the Upper Tisza, in a village literally divided by the Tisza into two countries.

Project Goal

The project area is two villages Velyky Bychkiv and Bocicoui Mare located in mountainair part of Upper Tisza basin not far from the source of the Tisza. The villages are split by the Tisza, which is alsoe the border between Ukraine and Romania. According to the Analysis of Tisza River Basin 2007 this border area is classified as water body at risk. Therefore, there is an urgent need for actions in the Tisza River Basin Management Plan and the corresponding Program of Measures currently prepared by the ICPDR.


The project is implemented by Zakarpattya Oblast of the All-Ukrainian Ecological League with support of the ICPDR.

The main goal of the project is to demonstrate cost effective and  scientifically grounded techniques and easy implementation solutions for the main environmental problems faced by this region.  Among them
• Insufficient municipal solid waste management in both Belyky Bychkiv and Bocicoui Mare, which lead to significant pollution of the floodplains of Tisza and its tributaries by the solid waste, mainly plastic;
• Flooding by Tisza and local streams; logo_undp_gef.gif
• Unsustainable forest management practices at mountains;
• Lack of measured hydrological data for water level forecast;
• Pollution of Tisza and its tributaries by untreated sewage waters.  


Kick-off Meeting, June 11, 2009

On June 11 in the village Velyky Bychkiv in Ukraine the kick-off meeting for the `Upper Tisza Project` was organised with the participation of all partners including the ICPDR Project Implementation Unit (PIU) and UNDP. In the frame of the meeting the activities of the project were discussed and the tasks for the partners were agreed.

The project is now under implementation.

Selected Measures Towards Integrated Land and Water Management in Upper Tisza - Project Document (PDF, 578.4KB)

Project Proposal: Selected Measures Towards Integrated Land and Water Management in Upper Tisza


Integrating multiple benefits of wetlands and floodplains into improved transboundary management for the Tisza River Basin

Проект ПРООН-ГЕФ (PDF, 4.5MB)

уКпормапвллеінкнсяз азрхееомсдуеірлвсь зан міиіинимт иег ір воовданниомгои
у Верхній Тисі, Україна – Румунія
(на прикладі селищ Великий Бичків –...

Компонент 1 (PDF, 859.9KB)

Удосконалення системи управління твердими побутовими відходами у Великому Бичкові і Бочков Маре

Компонент 2 (PDF, 1000.3KB)

Розробка і впровадження локального Плану управління паводками

Компонент 3 (PDF, 2MB)

Ренатурализация потока после интенсивных лесоразработок в его бассейне

Проект ПРООН-ГЕФ (PDF, 1.9MB)

Комплекс заходів з інтегрованого управління земельними і водними ресурсами
у Верхній Тисі, Україна – Румунія (на прикладі селищ Великий Бичків –...

Inception Report (PDF, 712.8KB)

Selected Measures Towards Integrated Land and Water Management in Upper Tisza, Ukraine


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