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The Fund, established in 2008 by ICPDR, offers companies the opportunity to enter into mutually beneficial partnerships that will help to preserve and protect the incredible Danube, its tributaries and environment. As a partner, companies assist governments while benefiting residents, unique plant species and animal and riverine life. We look forward to welcoming more partners in the “Business Friends of the Danube Fund”.

The Helpful Role of Business

Business, as a key stakeholder in the Danube Basin, can either make problems or contribute to solutions. While it must comply with laws, business can implement additional actions to demonstrate its corporate social responsibility (CSR) – closely linked with sustainable development.


Many businesses with operations or markets in the Danube Basin have already embraced the need for CSR by voluntarily assisting the ICPDR and Danube countries. As participating partners, they have attended ICPDR workshops and negotiations to voice their concerns and solutions
and cooperate with other stakeholders. As good environmental managers, they have improved their operations. As innovators, they have developed new, practical solutions and technologies. And as funders, they have supported ICPDR activities.

The “Business Friends of the Danube Fund”

To make the most out of new opportunities for businesses and the ICPDR to develop mutually beneficial partnerships, the ICPDR launched the “Business Friends of the Danube Fund”. The Fund’s key objective is to help protect the Danube Basin, its resources and ecosystems through long-term and stable partnerships with selected businesses.
Potential partners are those, which are dedicated to the pursuit of sound ecological practices and possess a strong desire to demonstrate respect and support for responsible and sustainable development.
As a partner, companies would be in a position to take up the concerns of the people for the Danube and its basin, to help achieve the vision of healthy ecosystems and landscapes and to take action for the Danube while gaining a high level of recognition for your contribution and participation, at national and international levels.

Fund Obligations

When a business becomes a new partner, both the ICPDR and the business acquire specific obligations to each other.

Obligations for businesses include:

  • A minimum “partnership donation” of 25,000 Euros for at least two years (possibilities for in-kind or project-related donations may also be considered) 
  • Responsible water use in company operations (if not already, then progress toward this goal through the partnership)

Obligations for the ICPDR include:

  • Reporting on how the Fund contributions are used, along with the results of expenditures 
  • Provision to the business partner of the use of the Fund name, logo and brand for business CSR visibility 
  • Joint communications (e.g. press event, website content, communication of funded projects to ICPDR audiences) 
  • Organization of one annual event for partners

Partnership Opportunities and How to Join

There are a number of opportunities available to both sides of the partnership. These should support ICPDR efforts in implementing the Danube River Protection Convention and EU legislation, through sustainable river basin management, environmental protection, nature conservation, pollution reduction, emergency preparedness and/or disaster relief.

Examples of possible activities, projects and opportunities include:

  • Raising public awareness and participation through publicevents (e.g. Danube Day), educational materials (e.g. Danube Box) and publications (e.g. Danube Watch magazine)
  • Improving scientific knowledge through research projects, expeditions and training
  • Improving the knowledge and capacity of water managers

On becoming a partner, together with the ICPDR, a company will be able to make a difference for the Danube and for the own CSR activities.

Current Business Friends of the Danube include:

The Coca-Cola Company

Coca-Cola Hellenic




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