Training Events 2007:


Training on Fish Stock Assessment Methods, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; 1-5 April, 2007


Highlights:  Review and build the capacities of nationals on methodologies of Stock assessment and sustainable Management of Living Marine Resources (LMR); to have an overview of the minimum data requirements for stock assessment, fishery management and monitoring purposes; and the development of a regional team of specialists who will be capable of implement stock assessment activities at national or local levels.



Training on Port Baseline Surveys, Hurghada, Egypt; May 6-8, 2007


Highlights:  Port biological baseline surveys (PBBS), although essential, are merely a snapshot in time and are designed to lay the groundwork for ongoing monitoring of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden. There is therefore a high priority need for a PBBS training in the PERSGA region to ensure that the capacity is improved within the region to conduct ongoing surveys, either as a baseline, or as part of an ongoing monitoring regime. Thus, the general objective of this training course is to provide the theory and practical hands-on training on how to conduct a PBBS using standardized protocols. 


Training on Wastewater Treatment, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, May 20-23


Highlights:  This activity comes in alignment with the Regional Protocol on the Protection of the Marine Environment from Land Based Activities. The main objective of the training is to address the need for better training on municipal wastewater treatment plant operation and management. And to further train wastewater treatment plant managers or engineers from the PERSGA countries on how to train municipal wastewater treatment plant operators and eventually managers, in their respective countries.



Training Events 2006:

Training Workshop on Environmental Inspection, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; 18-22 March, 2006


Highlights:  The training focused on various inspection techniques and methodologies in Environmental Inspection as used by UNEP and Mediterranean Action Programmes.



Training Workshop on Improving Municipal Water Management in the Coastal Cities, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; 12-16 August, 2006.


Highlights:  The training focused on the usage of the best analytical tools and methodologies in selecting, planning and financing an appropriate and environmentally sound municipal wastewater management system.


Training Workshop on ICZM and Sustainable Tourism, Hurghada, Egypt; 2-6 December 2006


Highlights:  The training focused on improving the capacity of environmentalists, NGOs, individuals and stakeholders in the best practice of planning coastal tourism and its long term financial sustainability.



Training Workshop on Environmental Impact Assessment of Coastal Activities, will be conducted twice: in Aden Yemen,  14-18 May and in Port Sudan, Sudan, 21-25 May, 2006.


Highlight:   The training focused on training of trainers from both Sudan and Yemen who were previously trained in Jeddah (May 2005) with the assistance of an international consultant.  The two countries have developed ICZM plans approved by their governments. The course will enhance the implementation of these plans and build the capacity of these trainers so that they become regional trainers.

Training Events 2005:

Regional workshop: Towards ICZM: Actions for balancing standards of life for coastal communities, Amman, Jordan; 21-26 June, 2005

Highlight: The major objective of the workshop was to identify priority projects for the ICZM Component to be implemented during 2005-2010. The priority projects aim to incorporate ICZM into existing national strategies (such as poverty reduction strategies), as well as into Millennium Development Goals reports and Capacity 2015 Programmes.  They also seek to mainstream the MDGs within PERSGA activities.



Training Events 2004:

PEMSEA Training Workshop of Integrated Coastal Zone Management, Pasig City, Phillapines, and Xiamen, China; 22 Nov.-10 Dec. 2004


Highlight:  The workshop covered the essential elements of ICM program development and implementation, and dealt with practical approaches and strategies to improve implementation and management of project activities.  The workshop provided a venue for sharing of experiences and best practices in the East Asian and PERSGA region.  The overarching objective was to enhance participants’ knowledge and skills essential in the development and implementation of ICM projects in their respective areas.