Environmental School Clubs (ESC’s)
PERSGA has established 150 “Environmental School Clubs-ESC” in Egypt, KSA, Djibouti, Sudan, Yemen, NE Somalia and NW Somalia, which have involved up to 4000 students. This initiative was based on the successful experience in Jordan, and consequently all Ministries of Education in the respective countries have adopted the clubs as an official activity in their system. In connection with the Clubs, PERSGA has helped train more than 350 teachers through 20 training workshops (regional and national)
A data base with details on each club has been established; Go to Clubs data base (PERSGAIIMS)
PERSGA has also developed a Environmental School Club Guide that describes the steps needed to set up and run the clubs. The Organisation has also established an ‘ESCs and Extra Curriculum Activities’ training manual for teachers. the national coordinators of ESC’s (NGO’s/GO’s) were trained as trainers; All clubs has been provided with basic required equipment (such as stationery and gardening tools) as well as with a Green Corner;

The ESC’s network was designed so it could be self-run, and all stakeholders were trained on how to maintain their activities through local efforts. In order to ensure that the clubs can continue to operate independently, links have been made with national government institutions and/or local NGOs. Consequently, all Ministries of Education in the Memebr States have adopted the clubs as an official activity in their educational system.