Regional Monitoring Programme for Habitats and Biodiversity


Mangroves      Coral Reefs        Marine Turtles        Sea Birds

The Region contains some of the most unique and important coastal and marine environments in the world. The Red Sea is one of the most important repositories of marine biodiversity. Species endemism is extremely high. The Socotra Archipelago is of global significance for island biodiversity and species endemism. The waters of the Region support many internationally important species, notably marine mammals, sea turtles, and seabirds. The coastal marine environments of the Region consist of arid coastal zone, coastal wetlands, mangroves, seagrass and coral reefs. These contrasting ecosystems are the basis of much of the Region’s rich and unique biodiversity, its fisheries production, its conservation and recreational values. They are also vital to the livelihood of the coastal populations; they stabilize and protect the coastline, and buffer changes in water quality. These ecosystems are interconnected; a decline in the health of one will have impacts on the others.

The implementation of PERSGA's Habitats and Biodiversity Monitring Programe is aligned with the Jeddah Convention and it's associated Protocol Concerning the Conservation of Biological Diversity and the Establishment of a Network of Protected Areas-2005