Phase I Close Meeting of the Pollutants Monitoring Project in Egypt

State Minister of Environmental Affairs and PERSGA Secretary General Addressed the Meeting

Concluding phase I of the on-the-ground project “Promotion of capacities for Monitoring Organic and Heavy Metal Pollutants in Egypt”, a high ranking Meeting was organized during October 2009.

Addressing the Meeting, HE Magid Goerge, State Minister of the Environmental Affairs in Egypt, and HE Prof. Ziad Abu Ghararah, Secretary General of PERSGA appreciated the project achievements, indicating the project mutual advantages for promoting capacities of the National Monitoring Program in Egypt and the Regional Monitoring Program run by PERSGA. The Meeting programme included also demonstrations on the accomplished and upcoming project activities; and the ceremony of awarding accomplishment certificates to the trainee participants during phase I of the project. By the end of the Meeting an agreement was signed for the implementation of phase II of the project during 2009-2010.