Navigation Aids:

To assist vessel traffic passing the Hanish Islands, a new navigational aid in the form of a lighthouse was constructed on Hanish Al Kubra.The new lighthouse is considered a Class 1 Navigation Aid, with a range of 16 nautical miles.  It is equipped with an Automatic Identification System (AIS) Transponder, communications equipment for transmitting messages to the port of Mokha, a receiving station connecting Mokha with Hodeidah by land line, and installed automatic lighthouse monitoring equipment at Hodeidah.

Hanish Al Kubra Island
New Lighthouse Site

Lighthouse Site (Cairn)

Inspection and Software Installation Team
Feb 2005


Vessel Traffic Systems/Automatic Identification Systems:

While the establishment of routing measures in the southern Red Sea is an important step towards reducing the risk of collisions or grounding, experience in other areas has shown that not all ships keep to the routes adopted by IMO. PERSGA is therefore developing a traffic monitoring system to ensure routing measures are adhered to. PERSGA conducted a study on Vessel Traffic Systems (VTS) for monitoring traffic in the Bab el Mandeb area, and is working towards the installation of VTS equipment.

PERSGA has also conducted other studies to assess the regional needs regarding navigation aids and the feasibility of expanding AIS use regionally.

Search and Rescue/ Global Maritime Distress Safety Systems (SAR/GMDSS):

SAR/GMDSS stations are present in Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, covering the northern part of the Red Sea. Potential sources of funding for installations in Yemen are being sought