Because I Care: The Environmental Education Learning Supplement (EELS):

In cooperation with the Ministries of Education in its Member States, PERSGA has produced a hard-copy and e-learning version of the “Because I care- An Environmental Education Learning Supplement –EELS” that is appropriate for students at the secondary level.
The Environmental Education Learning Supplement (EELS) for the environment of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden was produced to be used for the following purposes:

  • As a source of reference material that can be adapted for use in the core curriculum of the schools in the region at a variety of educational levels (primary, junior high school, secondary).
  • As a ready-to use classroom aide for teachers that can be incorporated directly into the normal learning environment or used for environmental club activities. The focus of the activities should be hands-on or practically oriented and the data collected will be shared electronically between the schools in the region.

Prepared in Arabic, the supplement consists of a ready-to-use classroom aide for teachers

  • Reference material on the marine environment.
  • A student’s book
  • Teacher books (reference bibliography and teacher’s guide).
  • Educational interactive CD linked to the internet.
  • Five posters.
  • Stickers.
  • Post cards.
  • A book of terminology.
  • Laboratory tools.
  • Environmental games. 

The EELS was produced, over a series of workshops, by educators and teachers from the region on a voluntary basis. Furthermore, the supplement has been pre-tested and teacher training workshops on the implementation of the EELS have been conducted, most notably in Sudan and Yemen in 2003. In total, 440 kits have been distributed to member states.
The EELS is a pioneer project, being the first of its kind among all Regional Seas programmes, and the e-learning version is globally unique.