First PMC meeting

The first meeting of the Project Management Committee (PMC) was held at of PERSGA Headquarters in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 21st and 22nd March 2009. This meeting marked the first step in the framework of the implementation of the Medium Size Project (MSP). It included signing of an agreement between PERSGA and UNIDO for implementation of the MSP on enforcing strategies for reduction of UP-POPs in the region.POPs Group Photo

The meeting was attended by representatives of the four partner countries and Saudi Arabia, Representatives of UNIDO and representatives of PERSGA. It witnessed constructive discussions of the project document, reviewing the project concept, objectives, components and management structure, in addition to the regional strategy and the site specific action plans. The workplan of 2009 has been approved by the PMC, and a tentative work plan of 2010 has been identified.

Minutes of the 1st PMC Meeting